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Benghazi Report – Full Text

The Benghazi Lie

A random mob attacked our Ambassador’s compound, perhaps the result of a video

The Truth

President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton orchestrated a disastrous regime change in Libya and illegal arms sale to Syria. This plan caused an uprising against our Ambassador Stevens, and the Obama-Clinton White House abandoned the delegation in Benghazi.

President Obama and Secretary Clinton should forever be barred from protecting our United States.

The Rest

Benghazi is not about a video, or even about a lie.
Benghazi is about four lives discarded by our country.
Benghazi is about families picking up the pieces after their loved ones were used like pawns.
Benghazi is about the United States relationship with foreign governments.
Benghazi is about our Diplomatic Corps.
Benghazi is about security.
Benghazi is about leadership.
Benghazi is about trust.
Benghazi is about our military.
Benghazi is about failure.

Benghazi is about Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s failure as a leader, as the highest diplomat, as strategist, as trusted colleague, even as potential President.

Benghazi is about President Obama’s seven year stint mocking the world on behalf of the United States of America.

Benghazi is a call to America – we need to become great again.


Here’s the full report:


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