Join Us at the 2020 Caucuses

Monday, February 3
Doors open at 6:30 pm. In order to take part you need to arrive by 7 pm.

Meet Your Fellow Republicans*

Plan the 2020 Campaign

Propose Planks for the Iowa GOP Platform

Elect Members of the Linn County GOP Central Committee

Vote for Your 2020 GOP Presidential Candidate

* There are Republicans in your neighborhood. Trust me.

Details, Details

Be sure to arrive by 7 pm.

In order to vote at the caucus, you must be a registered Republican and you must show an ID (Acceptable forms of ID).

You can register to vote, change your registration to Republican, or report a change of address at the caucus.

Caucus Locations

What Precinct Do I Live In?

Where is My Caucus?

Cedar Rapids