Election Rules

The Bi-annual election of officers for the LCRCC will be held at our regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, February 16, 2021 at 7:00 pm at the Best Western Longbranch Hotel and Convention Center. The following rules for the election were adopted at the January Meeting.


  1. Nominations for candidates will be taken at the February 16 regular meeting of the LCRCC.
  2. You do not need to be present at the February meeting to be nominated.
  3. All nominations will require a second.
  4. Once nominations have ceased at the February meeting, no additional nominations can be made for this election.

Election Rules

  1. Each nominee will have the opportunity to address the body for up to, but not to exceed, five (5) minutes.
  2. Voting shall be by secret, written ballot.
  3. Any voting member of the LCRCC as of the conclusion of the January meeting is an eligible voter. Eligible voters must be in line to be credentialed by 7:00 pm on Tuesday, February 16. Any voter who is present and checks in with the Membership Committee will receive ballots on which to cast his or her vote for the positions of Chair, Co-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer.
  4. Voters must be personally present to receive and cast their ballot. No proxies will be allowed.
  5. Ballots will be cast and returned to three (3) election officials appointed by the executive committee and approved by the body who are not on the ballot. This committee will also be responsible for tabulating the votes.
  6. A candidate or candidate’s representative may observe the tabulation of the ballots.
  7. Only 1 vote shall be cast per office on each ballot. Any votes for more than one candidate per office shall spoil the vote for that office, though votes for other offices will still be tabulated.
  8. The winner of each office will be determined by a simple majority of votes cast for that office. If no candidate receives a simple majority of the votes cast for that office, then the candidate who receives the fewest number of votes will be removed from the ballot and a run-off will be held between the remaining candidates for that office. This procedure shall continue until one candidate receives a simple majority of votes cast in that round. Voting members who have not remained for the meeting waive their right to participate in any such run-off votes.
  9. All results are final.

Officer Transition

The newly elected officers will be considered “officers-elect” and will officially assume their duties at the end of the February meeting. It is expected that outgoing and incoming officers will work together in the time between the election and the March meeting to ensure a smooth transition, including attending a joint executive committee meeting of all incoming and outgoing officers.