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Iowa Victory 2016!

What kinds of volunteers are needed? Volunteers will be needed throughout the summer and fall of an election year to: canvass voters through phone calling and door knocking, address and stuff envelopes for local candidates, walk in parades, staff the party headquarters, enter data information, etc. We try to match your skills for the volunteering task at hand. For instance, only volunteers capable of walking long distances should march in parades or knock on doors.

How many volunteers do we need? A general rule of thumb is that one volunteer can knock on fifteen doors per hour, or make thirty phone calls per hour.

When do we need the volunteers? Volunteers will be needed throughout the summer and fall of an election year. Volunteers may also be needed to work as a temporary chair or secretary of a precinct caucus if the precinct committee person is unable to perform this task. Remember, recruiting volunteers early and often is the key to possessing the manpower necessary to winning elections!

Only you can prevent a loss!

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2016 Iowa GOP State Convention

2016 RPI State Convention Information Dear Friends, I just wanted to remind you about the Iowa Republican Party State Convention on Saturday, May 21, 2016 at 10 AM. If you plan on ordering a lunch please make sure you have your order in before May 11th. Details for the event are listed below: Who: Republican …

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2016 Iowa GOP State Convention Rules

Proposed Rules: 2016 Iowa Republican State Convention General Rules The 2016 Iowa Republican State Convention (hereafter the Convention) shall be governed by Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised 11th Edition except as hereunder provided or as specified in the Constitution and By-Laws of the party. Any motion from the floor, other than a nomination, shall …

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Proposed Delegates and Alternate Delegates

2016 Proposed Iowa Republican Slate of Delegates

If you would like to be considered for Delegate to National Convention, read this and contact the nominating committee: County Leaders, Just a quick note about the state convention nominating committee that will be meeting tomorrow, Saturday, April 16, at RPI. The task of the nominating committee is to produce the “slate” of 15 national convention delegates …

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Absentee Ballot Solicitor Information

Absentee Ballot Solicitor Information Excerpt from Chapter 3 – Election Administrator’s Handbook Absentee Ballot Request Solicitor Restrictions Official form and receipts required Persons collecting absentee ballot requests while acting as an actual or implied agent for a political party, candidate, or committee as defined by Chapter 68A must use the official absentee ballot request form. …

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Election News for Candidates

Linn County Auditor Linn County Iowa Joel D. Miller, Auditor Rebecca Shoop, First Deputy Date: April 13, 2016 To: Primary Election Candidates From: Tim Box, Linn County Deputy Commissioner of Elections RE: Election News Please be advised of the following information and do not hesitate to call Election Services if you have any questions or …

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