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Election News for Candidates

Linn County Auditor
Linn County Iowa
Joel D. Miller, Auditor
Rebecca Shoop, First Deputy

Date: April 13, 2016

To: Primary Election Candidates

From: Tim Box, Linn County Deputy Commissioner of Elections

RE: Election News

Please be advised of the following information and do not hesitate to call Election Services if you have any questions or concerns. Tel: 892-5300, ext. 1, Email: elections@linncounty.org

Polling Place Changes: Three precincts will have new poll locations beginning with the 2016 Primary Elections.

  • In Cedar Rapids precinct 21, Immanuel Baptist Church has chosen to no longer be a poll location and is being replaced by Meth-Wick Community’s Manor Building. [Meth-Wick Address: 1224 13th St NW, Cedar Rapids]
  • In Marion precinct 10, the Marion Fire Dept. Headquarters is being replaced by American Legion Post 298 to provide improved handicap accessibility for the public. [American Legion Address: 625 31st St, Marion]
  • In Washington Township, Center Point City Hall is being replaced by the expanded Center Point Library to provide a more spacious voting location for the public. [Center Point Library Address: 720 Main St, Center Point]

The voting public will be notified of these changes in the following ways:

  • During the week of May 16th
    • Yellow postcards mailed to every household of registered voter within the three precincts.
  • On May 26th (according to our current publication schedule)
    • A polling place change notice will be published in the Cedar Rapids Gazette, Marion Times and Linn Newsletter.
  • On Election Day
    • Notices will be posted at the old locations directing voters to the new locations.

Absentee Ballot and Voter Registration Solicitation: Please review the enclosed guides (click here) on soliciting absentee ballot request forms and voter registrations forms from voters. This year, we have provided 5,000 absentee ballot request forms, free of charge, to the chairpersons of the Linn County Democratic and Republican parties for use by the party and distribution to party candidates and campaigns. Please contact your party chairperson to obtain forms for your campaign.

New voting equipment: Linn County has purchased new voting equipment from our vendor, Election Systems & Software. While still offering a familiar paper ballot to all voters, the new equipment will improve the voting experience for those with disabilities. Pictures of the new equipment are provided for you on the back of this page.

Dates & Deadlines

Due Date

Event / Deadline

Thursday, April 28

Absentee Voting Begins

Friday, May 27

Last Day to Pre-register to Vote for this Election

Monday, May 30

Memorial Day – Offices Closed

Friday, June 3

Last Day to Request an Absentee Ballot to be Mailed

Saturday, June 4

Auditor’s Office Open for Absentee Voting – (Saturday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.)

Monday, June 6

Last Day to Vote Absentee (Auditor’s Office)

Tuesday, June 7

Election Day


New Voting Equipment from Elections Systems and Software

DS200 Ballot Scanner

  • Scans and tabulates ballots at each precinct on Election Day.
  • Tabulates hand-marked ballots and ballots marked by the ExpressVote ballot marking device.

ExpressVote Ballot Marking Device

  • Accessibility compliant device.
  • Allows for touchscreen voting and voting by keypad.
  • Provides an audio ballot as needed via headphones.
  • Marks the voter’s choices on a ballot card that is then scanned and tabulated by the DS200 ballot scanner.
  • Available at absentee voting locations and at each precinct on Election Day. One device per precinct.

DS850 High-Speed Ballot Scanner

  • Scans and tabulates absentee ballots at the Public Service Center on Election Day.
  • Designed to handle large volumes of absentee ballots accurately and efficiently.


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