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Let Your Voice be Heard!

How can you make a difference? Well volunteer to help your Central Committee is one way. However there are many things you can do as an individual. Here are just a few:

Write a letter to the editor!

Let your voice be heard! Excited about what your representatives are doing? Upset about a certain issue in the community? Write to the local paper and let other readers know that there are principled, conservative neighbors just around the corner!

Call the local radio station and voice your opinion!

What’s more fun than writing a letter to the editor? Calling the local radio station and telling the host what’s on your mind. This is especially effective on local stations where a conservative voice is seldom heard.

Use Social Networking!

Use Facebook, Twitter or a website to advertise your thoughts and to advocate on behalf of your county party. Activists, campaigns, and other groups and individuals rely heavily on social media to receive information about what is happening at the county level. Events such as fundraisers, central committee meetings, and candidate visits can be placed on Facebook or Twitter to inform others and boost attendance.

Additionally, don’t forget to follow RPI on Facebook at Iowa GOP or on Twitter

at @IowaGOP! or LCRCC @LinnCountyGOPIA